Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Schoolwide Enrichment Model: It's a Choice

Every year when the kids walk through the front door on that first day of school,  I am once again reminded of the awesome responsibility we have as educators as we touch the lives of our learners every single day.

As a young educator I used to pray, "Lord, let me make a difference today. Let the words I say and the actions I take have a lasting impact on the lives of my students."

More recently I realized that my prayer had been answered. In fact, my prayer is answered every day for every teacher in every classroom around the nation...even around the world. For, whether we like it or not, impacting the lives of children is what we do.  It's who we are.  Every move we make...every decision...every lesson...every kind word...or not so kind word...has an impact on the children in our care. Whoa!

Okay, so making an impact on the lives of children is not a choice.  It's a given.  It's a natural result of the life we have chosen to live.  But what kind of impact will we make?  Now that is choice!

And so, every day these children walk into our classrooms.

They come with hopes, dreams, joys, fears, strengths, and deficits.  And we have a choice.

They come with behaviors, attitudes, quirks, and misconceptions.  And we have a choice.

They come with passions, interests, talents, and dreams.  And we have a choice.

My choice...our choice at Austin the Schoolwide Enrichment Model.

Why?  Because the Schoolwide Enrichment Model inspires children to pursue their dreams and overcome their fears.

Why?  Because the Schoolwide Enrichment Model allows us to see children through the lens of their strengths and talents, and to leverage those strengths to help children move beyond their deficits.

Why?  Because the Schoolwide Enrichment Model provides opportunities for children to discover their passion and find ways to use what they love to make a difference in our world.

"At Austin Elementary, we are driven to unlock the passion and cultivate the uniquness inherent in every learner."

The choice is clear!  The results are immeasurable!

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