Sunday, January 27, 2013

Think-a-Thon: An Adventure in Learning

One of the perks of my position as the GT Facilitator on my campus is the opportunity I have to visit various classrooms throughout the week and spend time facilitating critical thinking and creative problem solving activities with our learners.  It is so much fun watching their eyes light up as they collaborate with peers and attempt to be the first to accomplish the task set before them.

Think-a-Thon is just one of the tools we use to ensure that The Schoolwide Enrichment Model is truly "school wide."  During this activity, fourth and fifth grade learners are working in groups on a variety of different thinking skills including brainstorming, categorizing, creating analogies, and more.  Along with the obvious academic benefits, these sessions give our learners opportunities to develop the  collaboration and communication skills that are vital to their success in today's world.

My point is this...SEM is more than just an hour of enrichment on Friday morning.  It is a way of teaching, a philosophy, a culture of learning.  While E-Time and enrichment clusters are certainly important pieces of The Schoolwide Enrichment Model, these components alone do not constitute SEM.  Other components include curriculum compacting, Academic Olympics, Total School Cluster Grouping, and so much more. The Schoolwide Enrichment Model seeks to embed the gifted pedagogy into the very fabric of the school so that every learner...each learner...experiences opportunities for enrichment and talent development everyday!

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