Friday, January 11, 2013

Sharing Our Learners' Success

Many of you who attended our recent Enrichment Cluster Showcase asked where you could find the links to some of the videos and websites that our learners created and shared on that day.  This post is for you!  I have gathered the links and posted them below for your viewing pleasure...enjoy!



Animation Station

Puppet Performers

Learner Reflections

Catch the Beat

The Video Production Company

Contributions to the Community

Clay Creators Cluster raised $138.44 to be donated to Operation Kindness!

Clay Creators also donated 4 handmade/kid made puppy/kitten bowls to Operation Kindness!

Fitness Frenzy organized a "Healthy Day" for Austin Elementary!

Why Knot Woodworking designed, built, and donated a beautiful picnic table to Austin Elementary!

Quotes From Our Learners

"I felt famous!"

"I enjoyed meeting people with a similar interest as me."

"I enjoyed learning new things and getting active."

"It was fun getting together and working as a team to accomplish our goal!"

"I liked that we performed at the Showcase ourselves without the teacher's help.  We got to show her that we are responsible."

"I feel very important right now!"

"My cluster was perfect!  I wouldn't change a thing."

What Did They Learn?

"We learned to be creative."

"I learned about trigonometry and measuring and that you need to be careful when using dangerous tools!"

"We learned how to take blood pressure, pulse, and heart rate."

"We learned how to collaborate and make new friends."

"We learned how to make QR codes."

"We learned about endorphins and how to stay healthy."

"We learned that it is important to share ideas and work together."

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