Sunday, January 20, 2013

It's Our Turn!

Second and third grade learners were beside themselves with excitement this past Friday as they eagerly  gathered with likeminded children and adults  to begin their own interest based enrichment cluster journey!  I was inspired as I visited the various cluster groups and heard the creative ideas and ambitious products these young learners are envisioning.  The next several weeks promises much excitement as these they begin to take the steps necessary to turn their dreams into reality.

The Video Production Announcements Cluster brainstorms ideas about what kinds of information they want to video and share through the video announcements.

The Green Team discusses how they can help Coppell become more Earth friendly.

Navigate Coppell participants complete surveys about what kind of product they hope to create in their six week cluster.  

Coppell Kid Painters' Guild explore how they can use art to celebrate the history of Coppell.

Learners on the Emergency Responders Crew discuss potential careers and decide what kind of  information they will need in order to become experts in helping others as CISD School Board member, Tracy Fisher looks on.

Book Blooms participants eagerly discuss ideas for a Reading Garden on the grounds of Austin Elementary.

The Austin Archeology Association discusses plans for exploring archeology through clay pottery.

Movies, Books, and More cluster participants discuss tools  that could be used to create book trailers in which they can share their favorite books with those around them.

The Digital Card Creations cluster group explores the history of card making together as they begin discussions about an authentic audience for the digital resources they plan to create.

A young learner in the Lights, Camera, Cook cluster brainstorms ideas for some tasty creations.

The Problem Solving Task Force discuss ideas for making our community a better place.

What's Your Story?  This group of learners, eager to explore how photography can be used to tell a story, are seen here discussing some of the technology tools they may use to share their unique story with the world around them.

This young learner is thinking hard about what she hopes to accomplish in her Magic Maniacs cluster.

The members of the Shock Your Socks Off cluster are eager to begin exploring the power of circuits and how they are used to make our world a better place.

Like what you see?  Encourage our young learners by sharing a comment about what they are doing.

Want to see more?  Contact Liz Malone @ 214-496-7335 or by email at to schedule a tour and see these young designers, inventors, and entrepreneurs in action.

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