Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fourth Grade: Now What?

Our fourth grade learners may be done with clusters, but they are continuing to explore their interests and learn more about ways they can give back to our world.  The fourth grade classrooms were buzzing this past Friday morning as the learners and educators began their next round of E-Time adventures.

In Ms. Cadue's room, there are 19 young ladies eagerly exploring the world of fashion design.  They have identified their strengths and divided up the work...everyone has an important role to play in this fourth grade design studio.

In Mrs. Cavitt's room, some young scientists are mixing, stirring, and heating as they explore the wonders of chemical changes.

Sign language is the focus of the day in Miss Snyder's room where a group of linguists are learning to use their hands, bodies, and facial expressions to communicate without sound.    I even had the opportunity to have a conversation with one of  the, was I impressed!

Monsters, dragons and other mythological creatures are coming alive in Mrs. Kirby's room as learners explore a variety of myths and work in teams to design and create tools and media to share what they discover.  Videos, skits...big ideas in the works!

Finally, back by popular demand, there is a group of fourth graders working alongside some fifth grade learners and our very own Mrs. Case, as they take pictures, design page layouts, and create an advertising video for our 2012-2013 yearbook.

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