Sunday, October 7, 2012

Clusters are Coming

The excitement is building as we draw closer  to the debut of enrichment clusters at Austin Elementary!  The educators in fourth and fifth grade, along with a few recruits from our various support teams, have been working hard over the last several weeks to prepare for "Opening Day" on Friday, October 26th.  Together, these educators have been exploring the interests of their learners and brainstorming ways to embed these interest areas into enrichment clusters that are full of engaging, authentic, student driven learning experiences coupled with real world problem solving opportunities and collaboration among various age groups.

Top Interest Areas – 4th/5th Grade

Robotics                     Movie Making
Pottery / Clay             LEGOS
Sports                        Digital Animation
Music                        Wood Working
Cooking                    Strategy Games / Logic
Pets                           Magic
Acting                       Comedy

Through a series of four professional development sessions, these educators explored a variety of questions surrounding the development of effective, authentic enrichment clusters.  Topics have included components of effective enrichment clusters, the purpose of enrichment clusters, strategies for embedding authentic methods, products, and audiences, and much more!

To learn more about what these educators experienced, visit our SEM Google site at

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