Sunday, October 21, 2012

Building Relationships Through Moments of Discovery

E-Time is an incredibly special time here at Austin Elementary for a variety of reasons...learners pursuing their passions, educators facilitating talent development in their classrooms, enrichment happening in every corner of the building.  It is truly an amazing time.  However, one of the most treasured parts of E-Time for me is seeing the relationships that are being developed as educators, learners, administrators, and community members all come together to help kiddos discover their dreams! As I walk around the building each week, I see young children helping each other learn new skills.  I enjoy the laughter of learners and educators, as together, they try new skills, take risks, fail...and try again, overcome obstacles, and simply bask in the joy of learning.  I watch in awe as moms and grandmas patiently guide small hands and curious minds through new learning.  Enjoy the video below which  provides a small glimpse into the many "moments of discovery" that are happening each week.


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