Monday, September 17, 2012

Make Your Mark!

In his book, the Dot, Peter Reynolds encourages children...and let go of their fears and simply "make their mark."  The Dot is a simple, heartwarming story of one little girl's journey toward self discovery and creative expression.  In honor of The Dot, September 15th has been recognized as National Dot Day.  On that day, we recognize the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the creative spirit inside each of us.   Here at Austin Elementary, we decided to celebrate a day early.  On Friday, our hallways and classrooms were filled with dots!  Big dots, little dots, bright dots, multicolored dots, even three dimensional dots!  We went dot crazy!  Of course, we couldn't resist the temptation to pull the dot theme into E-Time, so today, I enjoyed a multitude of "dot activities" as I visited classrooms during that very special hour of our week.

Kindergarten students enjoy some delicious fun as  they sort different colored candy Dots!

Did you notice the beautiful dotted headbands.  Here they are during the manufacturing process...

Just look at that concentration!

Dominoes construction...dots everywhere!

 They may not have their names in lights...but this is certainly the next best thing!

Strategy games are filled with dots!  Who knew?

Battleship...dots, math, strategic thinking, and fun all in one place!

Pentago!  Can you out think your opponent?

Fourth graders spent some time brainstorming how the message of The Dot could be captured in pictures.  

They found something!  Fourth graders scoured the hallways of Austin Elementary looking for examples of The Dot in action.  These young men are using their IPADS to capture an image of creativity at work.  I can't wait to see what they came up with!

A fun time was had by all as we celebrated "Dot Day" here at Austin Elementary.  More importantly, students...and teachers...were reminded of the tremendous impact each of us can have on those around us if we just have the courage to "Make a Mark!"  I challenge you to make your mark this week.  How will the lives of the people you meet be different because they spent some time with you?

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