Thursday, May 10, 2012

2nd grade needs your help so they can help Operation Kindness!

As you may remember from previous posts, one of our 2nd grade E-time groups has become very interested in helping local animals.  It started with the sale of their handmade bracelets with the proceeds going to Operation Kindness. Now that group wants to take it even further.  In addition to the money they have raised, they would also like to be able to take basic pet supplies (for cats and dogs) to the shelter as well.  Some items that they are looking for include:
  • toys 
  • treats
  • blankets
  • collars
  • bowls
If you are willing to send in any of the above items (gently used or new), then let me know or contact Ms. Busby ( who is in charge of that E-time group.  Thanks in advance!