Thursday, April 5, 2012

Before the long weekend...

...let's take a peek at the e-time happenings across the building today!

Future bakers in kindergarten learn about the importance of following a recipe while having a little fun by making a tie-dyed cake!

1st graders most certainly can do independent research.  These young ladies are passionate about animals and want to learn more about some of their favorites.

 While creating works of art can be enjoyable in and of itself, these students want to share their efforts by creating personalized picture frames for friends and family.

There is a great story behind this photo.  These young men had originally planned on building with LEGO pieces today but there were none available.  They were very disappointed.  However, their amazing teacher, Mr. Wu, had an idea for them.  Try taking an old box or other recyclable item and create something out of that.  They were initially skeptical but gave it a shot.  With lots of teamwork, cooperation, and creativity, they built a deluxe two story home complete with a rooftop pool.  Look at how proud they are of what they accomplished by working together!

 These students found a way to incorporate their study of physical changes with the upcoming holiday.  They made observations about the eggs before they were hard boiled and then after.  Of course, the funnest physical change to observe was coloring them!

Blokus is a relatively simple game with just a few rules.  However, these 3rd graders are beginning to understand that some of the simplest games require a great deal of strategy to be successful!  I'm not sure that they even noticed I was taking their picture!

These fourth grade students are using a beautiful picture they found of a beach with crashing waves as inspiration for a mural to hang in their classroom.  I can't wait to see it when it is ready for display.

 This fourth grade student has discovered that threading a needle is not as easy at it seems!  It's a bit hard to see but she is at the beginning stages of sewing a personalized bookmark.

Judge Cadue presides over her courtroom as a group of 5th graders have a heated (but respectful) discussion of the crime for which Goldilocks should be tried.  Theft?  Damage to property?  We'll see!

Try try again!  This 5th grade group's first try at the robotics obstacle course was not successful.  They had a fantastic discussion about what they believed they needed to do to fix their initial mistakes.  

Mrs. Dobecka can do more than just teach P.E.!  This 5th grade robotics group benefited from some friendly advice from our favorite P.E. teacher.

 Have a wonderful long weekend with your families and we will see you again on Tuesday, April 10!

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