Thursday, April 26, 2012

Awesome April

We have a fantastic group of students who come from CHS each week to work with and mentor some of our students.  Since we had an adjusted schedule last Friday due to our assembly, those CHS volunteers ended up helping with e-time!  This young man is assisting a kindergarten student with an art project.  Upstairs in 5th grade, one of our CHS volunteers filled in last minute for an absent student during the mock trial of Goldilocks.  We are lucky to have high school student volunteers who are so willing to step in and do what they can to help!  What wonderful role models!

Many of our 1st graders are still interested in learning more about pets.  This young man has begun a model of a duck.  Once the model magic has dried, he plans to paint it to look just like a real duck.

Service + SEM = real world learning!
These 2nd graders have been diligently learning about weaving so they could create quality friendship bracelets to sell to their fellow students.  The group decided that all proceeds from the sale of the bracelets will go to Operation Kindness, north Texas' oldest and largest no-kill animal shelter.  At last count, they had taken over 50 orders!

We often think of art as a solitary activity but these 2nd grade students are learning the joy of creating art together.  They came up with a common theme for their mural and each person is adding their own touches.

Volunteers make e-time even better!  These 4th grade students greatly benefited from the chance to work with one of our best volunteers.  They were trying to figure out why they couldn't get the motor to work in their robotics kit.  He guided them to the solution through questions but never gave them the answer.  They did it on their own!

Just as I did with the 4th grade music e-time group several weeks ago, sometimes we need another staff member to fill in the facilitator role for an e-time group.  While Mrs. McConnell was attending a conference, Mr. Hilton gladly stepped in to work with the 4th grade arts and crafts group.  I think he's trying to figure out the secrets to successfully threading a needle here.  This e-time group is working on custom notebook covers with felt.  Check back soon for pics of the finished products!

This 5th grade student is hard at work on a personalized treasure box.  He explained that it's important to line the inside of the box to protect all the important things you put in when the box gets jostled around.  It looks like a time consuming task to create on but I imagine that a lot of people would be interested in their own personalized treasure box.  A potential business opportunity?

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