Wednesday, April 4, 2012

4th and 5th grade E-time update

5th grade took a little detour off the e-time path last week as they had a visit from the High Tech, High Touch group.  I know that they so much from that!  They will resume their studies in robotics, logic games, law and arts and crafts this week.

 The 4th grade chess tournament continued this last week.  Ms. Malone told me to snap a picture of her quickly because she wasn't how long she'd stay in.  I'd say that she's doing well for a beginner!

 Mr. Hilton looks quite serious as he watches his opponent plan his next move.  I didn't get to stay to see how this turned out but I know they both had to have enjoyed the opportunity to play against each other.

 4th grade has added a robotics group this time around.  Thanks to the generous loan from the high school there are enough robotics kits for two small e-time groups to work on them.  Mr. Barnette, who has been working with the 5th grade robotics group, came in to help the students get set up.  This group above is taking an inventory of their kit.

 While his fellow group members just dive in, this young man decides that checking the directions might be a good idea.  It doesn't hurt to have a bit of background knowledge before you get too far into it.

Thanks for helping the 4th grade robotics group, Mr. B.!

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