Monday, April 2, 2012

1st grade E-time Update

We still have a good sized group of students interested in learning about pets.  Perhaps we can call Mrs. Hull from PetCo to talk with this group too!  Another group of 1st graders is passionate about games so they had the chance to dive into some old favorites and learn a couple of new ones last week.  They ended their e-time session by creating some group rules and expectations so that e-time can be enjoyable for everyone.  I love that!

Going old school with a game of dominoes

When I walked past Mrs. Nutt's room, I had to stop in after hearing all the excitement.  The students working with her want to learn more about fitness and sports.  They were doing an awesome cool down routine that I was able to capture with a couple of pictures.  Mrs. O'Neill even joined in!  (Don't mind my fingers in one of the pictures.  I was using a borrowed iPad and still trying to figure it out!)

Stretch those arms as high as you can!

Keeping fit can be lots of fun!

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