Thursday, March 22, 2012

Moving on

What have the kids been up to during e-time now that all the grade levels are moving on to new interest?  Let's take a look!

 3rd grade students have been learning how the process of putting on a play.  They've practiced how to read with expression and use your body to convey emotions.  They are also learning about some of the behind the scenes things necessary for a successful production.  This young lady is working hard on a costume for their production of "The Greedy Triangle."

The arts and crafts e-time group in 3rd grade created some bright, colorful sculptures to celebrate the start of spring! 

Hmmmm.....who will emerge victorious in the 4th grade chess tournament?

The dolls aren't quite finished yet but you cannot help being impressed by the work these 4th grade  young ladies have put into their dolls.  You can see how proud they are too!

5th grade did a mini-showcase to wrap up their first session of e-time.  The performing arts group had the chance to let all the other groups see the videos they had created.  Ask them about the chocolate bar song!

The new 5th grade robotics group is learning straight from one of the students who participates in the engineering academy at the high school.  One of the fantastic things about living in a smaller town is that we can easily connect with other schools to work together on a common interest.  I think the high school students who came enjoyed the opportunity to work with our students too.  They plan to come back each week to help our students build upon their budding programming skills.

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