Tuesday, January 31, 2012

From their viewpoint

Our 5th grade photography group is catching some fantastic e-time moments.  I hope they will continue to be generous with their photos and share them with me for the blog.

Kindergarten students work with Mrs. Raney to create puppet shows depicting their favorite fairy tales and stories.  I wonder which story this group will be performing.

Technology is already becoming an integral part of e-time across the school.  These first graders are conducting a little research on snow and other aspects of winter weather.  (At least normal winter weather...not what we've been having lately!)

Have you ever made a painting out of simple household items like flour, water and salt?  What an interesting texture it adds to a piece of art!  Easy to clean up too!

These young ladies are excited about the skit they are creating.  They have been making adaptations of favorite fairy tales.  They re-write the stories in the form of a script, assign parts, practice lines, revise, gather costumes and perform them on camera.  They are going to have quite the video collection of stories by the time this round of e-time is complete!

For once, our photography group is in front of the camera, not behind it!  They are learning about choosing the right photos for an assignment as well as editing, saving and sharing their work.

Now that we are getting more comfortable with e-time, I look forward to seeing how our kids (and teachers) will expand on the already engaging things happening on Friday mornings.  The conversations I overhear tell me that the students are leading us into new, unexpected but interesting directions with their learning.  You can't help but smile about that!

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