Friday, January 27, 2012

C Hall happenings

Many of our fourth graders are learning about the joy of creativity.  The young ladies who are working on their own dolls have completed the heads and were setting up the frame for the body.  When I walked in, they couldn't wait to show them off!  I'm saving pictures of the dolls until we have a final product to show off!  Trust me, it will be worth the wait!

Another group of students treated me to a special drum performance that they had composed themselves after exploring different rhythm patterns on the Internet.  What a treat!  I'm learning more about students every week when I come in to see all the great things happening during e-time! 

Across the hall, some more science minded 4th graders were deeply involved in the "destruction" of common objects to learn more about the different parts and how they work.  That microwave I mentioned on Twitter last week?  It's barely recognizable now as the students have taken it apart.  They were super excited to find an electromagnet!

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